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Area of Tax Advise


Whether as an entrepreneur, as a self-employed person, as employee or as a private person, the tax law haunts you in every areas of life. Here it is also difficult for them, which pass the laws themselves, to keep track. Even more important it is to know having experts for your activity on your side who clear up this jungle of regulations.

Annual Financial Statement / Tax Declaration

  • Profit assessment
  • Construction of balance sheet
  • Construction of the report
  • Tax declaration
  • Tax returns
  • Analysis
  • Consulting
  • Special workings like interim balances



  • Set-up
  • Classification / Booking
  • Business Assessments
  • Cost Accounting
  • Post Calculation
  • Consulting / Help
  • Special workings

Payroll Accounting

  • Pay Slips
  • Announcements
  • Consulting / Help
  • Special workings

Legal Remedies / Legal Means

  • Extrajudicial (Appeals etc.)
  • Contradictions etc.
  • Judicial (Claims etc.)

Company Audits

  • Preparation and support
  • Discussion of audit results
  • Control of audit evaluations

Comparison of Organisations

  • Internal comparison
  • External branch comparison (Benchmarking)
  • Comparisons of tax-burden / tax effects resulting of legal form changes

International Tax Law

  • In the course of supervision of international clientele we guide foreign companies in the field of business formation by means of subsidiaries and commercial units. In addition questions concerning rebates of sales tax and the respective execution modalities are carried out.

Taxaton of Pensionst


  • Assistance with the taxation of pensions
  • Prevention of tax evasion
  • Power of attorney

Area of Legal Advise

Concerning your legal problems you can rely on the experience and the ideas of a lawyer.

Hereditary Right

  • Testament preparation and examination of testaments
  • Regulation of the distribution of inheritances
  • Enforcement of legal portion aspirations
  • Executorships
  • Designing of company demand
  • Regulation of company succession

Corporate Law

  • Type of company selection considering legal and fiscal aspects
  • Creation of company agreements
  • Clarification of labour law-related questions and the creation of labour agreements
  • Transformation of type of company


  • Taking over of dunning processes
  • Investigations about solvency and abidance of the debtor
  • Initiation of dunning processes
  • Execution of compulsory enforcement measures

Contract design

  • Company Contracts
  • Employment
  • Inheritance contracts / wills
  • Leases
  • Statutes


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