The bright spot


The twinning office Liwerski and Partners advises enterprises, entrepreneurs and private persons in terms of legal and fiscal issues. Focal point is besides the classical tax accountancy the constitutive one, in particular in the field of company formation, -transformation and company succession. Moreover the legal framework conditions are set for allowing the entrepreneur to present him on the market successfully.


The organisation is resident in Kleve since over 40 years. The consolidation with our branch office in Duisburg Hamborn took place in 1990 whereat the extension in the field of legal advice followed simultaneously.

Our Philosophy


The base of a good collaboration between a client and his consultant is trust. This is contingent on upon the still highly complicated tax law in Germany which is even hardly to screen for experts and therefore hardly to illustrate for the client understandably.

As far as no concrete questions asked to us and when you receive no „reaction“ from us, does that not mean that we are inactive. This is because the work does often run secretly, so is executed in the background, to release you from the daily work. However as far important decisions come up or interesting news is available for you we will inform you in time.

Before you make commercial decisions you should inform us in advance. Do not shy a call with regard to eventually costs incurred. These – as far as they will occur at all– are, by experience, better invested than the subsequent „repair“of a wrong decision. The reason for a wrong decision is that financial consequences of executed measures often are not being recognized in the right way. This also applies especially for the sensible areas of donation- and hereditary law. The manifold existing possibilities of figuration should be used to safeguard the family- and company capital and spare it from financial burden.

Client Structure



We do not only consult entrepreneurs and medium-sized companies but also „private persons“. In addition to that we accompany foreign companies which invest in Germany or want to open up new markets.

Usually we are not only available for our clients as unique stakeholder but as longtime consultant in nearly every tax- and law question which you are confronted with in your private- and business environment.

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